Back to Bloggin' and back on the Rig!

Heya all! Been a long time between posts! A long time! A lot has happened! We built a brewery, a bar, started canning beer, got married, had a baby (well I didn't physically), moved house - twice, bought a cat, put my finger in an auger and had it re-attached. Wow. Fun times!

Anyway, I'm back and back in the brewery making beer! I'm excited. The brewery is 9 months into full swing and I've just stepped back in as Head Brewer full time. We've got some pretty cool beers coming up! Today we brewed a New World Dark Lager based on an old Franconian Schwartzbier recipe! Not the hops though. Hallertau Blanc dominates this black beauty! It's a hop that has some herbaciousness and also a gorgeous fruity/white wine character! Yummo!

Next week we have a Smoked Baltic Porter planned, then we have a few sexy collabs happening for GBW!

Stay tuned!