Champion Australian Craft Beer - 2017

Howdy all!

Very excited and humbled to win the trophy for Champion Australian Craft Beer 2017 with the Cherrywood Smoked Rye Baltic Porter taking out the top prize! It also won a gold medal and the trophy for the best Porter/Stout.

We've been blown away with support and well wishes from the industry and beer loving community. A big thank you to everyone who has got behind us over the years. It has been a rocky ride, though we're really happy to be where we are now.

Our promise is to keep improving and to keep striving to make the best beer and get it out to our customers.

Here is to better beer!



New beers and blokes

Hey there!

The last two weeks we have two new gents joining the family!

Glenn is our new sales legend who has been hitting the pavement in Denmark for the last 14 years! He loves beers, talking, animals, Buddhism, smoking, being a champ and beers!

Then we have Jay hitting up the bar as our new manager and event organizer! He enjoys cleaning, talking about cleaning products, stylish haircuts, Nikes, being organized, beer, lager, text messaging and being a top bloke.

Welcome lads! Yes, we need to get some laddies on as well. My lovely wife Olivia has been helping out on the music scene and has booked some bands that are cooler than I ever was, even when I had hair and played my Gibson Special with black finger nails.

Onto beers –

ESB – 6% ABV

Lovely stone-fruit aromas and flavours with hints of marmalade and a touch of caramel and toastiness. We also have 4 kegs ONLY of our double dry hopped edition! It is AMAZE-BALLS.


It is black and stouty. Nuff said.

Both out now!!!! Cans and on tap!




Back to Bloggin' and back on the Rig!

Heya all! Been a long time between posts! A long time! A lot has happened! We built a brewery, a bar, started canning beer, got married, had a baby (well I didn't physically), moved house - twice, bought a cat, put my finger in an auger and had it re-attached. Wow. Fun times!

Anyway, I'm back and back in the brewery making beer! I'm excited. The brewery is 9 months into full swing and I've just stepped back in as Head Brewer full time. We've got some pretty cool beers coming up! Today we brewed a New World Dark Lager based on an old Franconian Schwartzbier recipe! Not the hops though. Hallertau Blanc dominates this black beauty! It's a hop that has some herbaciousness and also a gorgeous fruity/white wine character! Yummo!

Next week we have a Smoked Baltic Porter planned, then we have a few sexy collabs happening for GBW!

Stay tuned!