Dan Dainton - Founder, Head-Brewer, Mad Man

Meet Dan, he likes kayaking, IPA in cans and Thursdays. He is also a brewer. He started his brewing career at the James Squire Brewhouse at the Portland Hotel in 2011. There he crafted beer and his skills annoying Chuck Hahn with his Black Rye IPA recipes and over the top IPA's. The punters loved it, Chuck, not so much.

From there he brewed at Holgate Brewhouse and honed some more brewing skills in the fresh air of Woodend.

After a short stint up in the mountains, Dan convinced his old man, (he had to bag a few brewing medals along the way) Kev, to start on a brewing adventure with him.

Kevin "KD" Dainton - Founder, Owner and Chief Beer Sampler

Kev loves a beer and his hat, pictured above. He has moved over from the mass produced stuff he used to drink and now is an avid fan of the Samurye Lager and Insane Uncle IPA. At a recent tasting, Kev noted that he may or may not be Dan's father and instead could be the Insane Uncle...

Cam "Hooch" Turner-  Fermentational Whisperer and Janatorial Wizard

Cam is a hairy creature who loves beers and bananas. You'll see him clambering around the brew kit or stealing food off customers plates when they aren't not looking. That's right.