From humble beginnings brewing all our pilot batches from scratch on a custom made 250L, 2-vessel, single step infusion system in Dan’s garage, we are now ready to tackle a much bigger system.

After being possibly the most gypsy of all Australian brewer's between 2013 and 2016, brewing at almost a dozen different breweries nationwide, Dan and the brew team now have their very own big boy system to play with.

With a unique asymmetrical tank design our 30HL steam brewhouse has customised brewhouse pipework along with a smaller kettle and grist case for brew speed and precision. Matched with an oversized mash tun and whirlpool, this system is built with big hoppy beers in mind. 4 separate 30HL fermenters have already been installed onsite with a following 6 more 60HL fermenters due in time.

Along with the brew system will sit a customised semi automatic canning line for a new range of 355 and 500ml cans.